Evolution! in the Library

Around the same time my animation was making the rounds on Scientific American and the like, it was also debuting at the Richmond Public Library for Children’s Art Month. The animation looped for the entire month of March, and I left a little table with some paper and crayons to inspire the would-be artists who happened to walk by. You can also see the poster I made where I crammed all the different critters into one family tree.


The basic idea was to either copy the drawing ahead of yours in the stack, one from the poster, or just do whatever you liked besides.I managed to get a bunch of fun and interesting drawings, and even my parents had a hand in some creature-creating.

Here you can see my father, who refused to draw unless he had ‘something to look at.’ You can see him copying a yak or something from a Dr.Seuss book that happened to be nearby. It wasn’t half-bad by the time he finished, either!

My mother on the hand went for the poster and copied a sort of dinosaur-like animal a kid had drawn earlier. It looked pretty spot on, as you’ll see.


Here are everyone’s drawings, roughly in the order they came in, with the earlier creatures on the bottom, and the later creatures on the top. All in all, a good bunch of drawings to add the collection! If any of you have any drawings you’ve done using my method, or feel inspired to draw or create some artwork of the creatures featured in project, don’t hesitate to send them to me! I’m sure everyone would love to see them, and see the tree of life evolve some more! You can always reach me at tylerrhodesart(at)gmail.com


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