Part of the drawings I recently acquired were of plant evolution, and this is their phylogenetic tree! We started with a moss-like ancestor, and I slowly steered them towards adding seeds, dealing with predation, and attracting beneficial species (using flowers or fruits) while protecting their seeds in some way.

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2 thoughts on “Plants!

  1. shawnurban says:

    Nice tree, Tyler. I look forward to hearing or seeing the story about what changes you made each generation to generate the plants. The evolution looks interesting. It looks like the first generation had two surviving offspring. And do my eyes deceive me, or do some of those plants look like hominids? Did the green creature, four images from the bottom on the right edge, come from the first or second generation?

    • Tyler Rhodes says:

      Oh, you’re right, I forgot to delete that line\. The humanoid thing is from generation 2. Each half is a group, where one group stopped at generation 4 and the other went to 6.

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