Evolution! with kids from VCU’s Lobs and Lessons

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my original plan for my evolution animation was to have 5 of them, one for each group of people did the experiment with. As you can see in my tree of life image, each group I did the evolution game with stems from my starting salamander creature, and follows the exact same series of events until the last part, where they each deviate. The group in the animation everyone knows ends with the ‘ice age’ but there’s also the deep sea, the sky, the mountains and the underground. I intended to re-animate each group, swapping out the creatures as I went, and then make a different end-cap to finish off each custom animation.

I never actually finished any of these alternate animations… until now that is! This animation is from one of the groups from Lobs and Lessons, a program at VCU’s Mary and Frances Youth Center. You can see more about them here http://www.vcuyouthcenter.org/

With these drawings the group went through the same experience as everyone else, only instead of an “Ice Age” like the first animation, these creatures were driven “Underground.” Because of this they have their own special ending sequence! Enjoy!

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