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Derivitive Art! With Charlie Chiodo!



Charlie Chiodo, of Chiodo Bros. fame, drew this picture for me as part of the kickstarter for https://dinogallery.com/ where you can get prints of Charlie and Bill Stouts dinosaur work, or have Charlie draw and even record a small video of him drawing as I’ve done here. I bend the rules slightly to get Charlie to draw an evolution creature for me in his own style, but I’m sure you’ll agree that he did a superb job! Thanks Charlie!

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Happy Darwin Day!

It’s Darwin Day everybody! A day to celebrate science and evolution (and Charles Darwin’s birthday!), Darwin Day is a fairly recent phenomenon, but hopefully it’ll grow in time!

To celebrate, I’ve finished a version of my Evolution! animation, with drawings and sound effects from the Science Museum of Virginia! They, like all the groups, have their own specialized ending, this time ending with the Rainforest. The animation will be playing today in the rotunda of the Science Museum, but you can watch it here, too. Enjoy!

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