Pretty soon after I started to actually put things on this blog, it was featured on Scientific American and spread all over the internet from there. Here are a few of them!


VMFA Professional Fellowship Recipient 2015-16

Winner of “Best Virginia Filmmaker” award and the “Peoples Choice,” James River Shorts festival 2012

Selected work for Anima Mundi 2012

Selected work for the Educational Film Market at HIROSHIMA 2012

I’m also a featured artist in Standford’s Windows on Evolution virtual gallery, which you can see here!

The original writeup from Dr.Carin Bondar, also featured as Video of the Week on Scientific American

Mention on Richard Dawkins blog, where Dawkins comments on the animation

From scienceblog io9

Video of the Day on the CBC website

Video of the week at German Bild der Wissenshaft

From  the Austrian Der Standard

From the Italian Zanichelli

From Ciencia Hoje from around when my animation was in Anima Mundi in Brazil

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