RVA Makerfest!

Last week at the Science Museum of Virginia I setup a booth to demo my evolution! oculus rift experience for RVA Makerfest! Prior to the event, my friend Ruthie and I took some of the evolved plant drawings people had made, and blew them up to giant foamboard decorations for the booth! Once I got everything set up and Makerfest began in earnest, I had a nonstop line of people from 10am to 5pm, and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Maybe I’ll show up again next year, who knows?!
cutoutsboothsetupCQaNPv6UYAA9Yu9.jpg largeCQaa_MoU8AAURF5.jpg largeannechamblin_rift

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Creative Evolution

picbreederI just stumbled across this nice article over at FiveThirtyEight by Christie Aschwanden about creative evolution, with highlights from the awesome Picbreeder project. Check it out!


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More Twitch Streams!



I ambushed another twitch streamer to play some of my games, and she finally did! ChainsonChaos begins talking about my games at around 29:20 and gives a little pep talk about gaming and streaming, then finally gets the first game working at around 34 minutes (evolution!). From there she goes onto play some of my other short Ludum Dare games, and gives another nice pep talk at the end during Moss. Thanks, Chains!

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My good friend Ruthie made up her own version of a creature skeleton recently! This is one of the creatures that I haven’t shown anywhere yet which was part of a ‘predator/prey’ simulation. Thanks Ruthie!

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Carboniferous Forest Simulation!

I just ran across this really cool Carboniferous Forest Simulation, which lets you explore a small area of a Carboniferous forest, complete with helpful info when you click on things! It especially piqued my interest because my evolution! exploration game is also more or less set in the Carboniferous, if only an alternate-reality version of it. The Carboniferous Forest Sim is only in Alpha right now, so everything isnt implemented yet,  but its very promising! Check it out!



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I recently set up a Vine account to put quick little walk cycle animations from the evolution drawings I’ve amassed over the years. You can find it under the name¬† Evolution Animation.


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Purple Crawly-Thing!

purpley-crawlerNicole-Hamilton-purpley-signed Here was an interpretation of one of the cave dwelling animals from my friend, the amazing Nicole Hamilton!

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Jungle Plants!

Here are some of the background jungle elements I did for the Science Museum of Virginia evolution animation.

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tyler rhodes evolution trilobite tree kindergarten 2013


Late last year I got a group of kindergarteners to “evolve” some “trilobites”. The end results are pretty astounding, I think, considering they probably had no visual or mental reference of what a trilobite is, and yet they came up with drawings that could conceivably pass for real animals.

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